Medical Services For Events

Medical Services For Events: Qualified medical teams to support both indoor and outdoor events throughout Kent and the South East of England

Medical Services For Events

What are medical services for events?

Medical services for events are services that are provided to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees at events. This can include providing first aid, emergency medical care, and transportation to hospitals. Medical services can also include providing support for people with disabilities or special needs.

The type of medical services that are needed for an event will vary depending on the size and type of event, the location, and the potential risks. For example, a large outdoor event in a remote location will require more medical services than a small indoor event in a city.

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Some of the most common types of medical services for events include:

  • First aid: This includes providing basic medical care for minor injuries and illnesses.
  • Emergency medical care: This includes providing more advanced medical care for people who are seriously injured or ill.
  • Transportation to hospitals: This includes transporting people who need further medical care to hospitals.
  • Support for people with disabilities or special needs: This can include providing accessible toilets, ramps, and other accommodations for people with disabilities.

It is important to choose a medical services provider that is experienced and qualified to provide the services that you need. Medicar has over 20 years experience in providing medical services for events in the UK.

medicar services for events

Event Success and Crowd Management

To conform with the Event Management Plan, whilst meeting safety advisory group advice and guidance, we devise a deployment plan designed to meet all parameters of either the Green or Purple Guide in order to comply with public safety at events. 

First Aid cover is an essential part of most indoor and outdoor events. Our First Aiders deploy to events throughout the year and are called to deal with low level, minor injuries, including allergic reactions, heat exhaustion, trips and falls and non-emergency hospital requirements which are dealt with on site by our professional medical teams, avoiding overloading the NHS unnecessarily.

Our medical teams can be supported by our Security Operatives, Crowd Management Stewards and CSAS Accredited Traffic Officers

Think medical services for events: Think Medicar


Who would need Medical Services For Events?

Anyone who hosts an event could need medical services, regardless of the size or type of event. Here are some examples of people who might need medical services at an event:

  • Attendees who become ill or injured
  • Attendees with disabilities or special needs
  • Staff members who become ill or injured
  • Performers or exhibitors who become ill or injured
  • Anyone who is exposed to hazardous materials

If you are hosting an event, it is important to have a plan in place for providing medical services in case of an emergency. You should also make sure that all of your staff members are aware of the medical services that are available and how to access them. So, please do get in touch with us directly or complete our event enquiry form here.

medicar services for events
medicar services for events

Think medical services for events: Think Medicar

Enhancing Event Safety: Comprehensive Medical Services for Events

When it comes to hosting events, safety and well-being should always be paramount. Whether it’s a high-energy music festival, a corporate conference, a sports tournament, or any gathering that brings people together, the importance of having reliable medical services on standby cannot be overstated. This is where specialized event medical services step in, providing essential healthcare support that ensures attendees’ health remains a top priority. Enter Medicar European – a seasoned player in the field with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to making events safer and more secure.

The Vital Role of Event Medical Services

Events of all sizes can pose a variety of health risks, from minor injuries and ailments to more serious medical emergencies. Having a well-structured medical support system in place helps address these challenges effectively. Event medical services encompass a range of offerings, tailored to the unique needs of each occasion. Here’s a glimpse into the types of services that Medicar European provides to bolster event safety:

1. Medical Personnel: Trained medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs), are deployed on-site to provide immediate medical attention.

2. Medical Equipment: Advanced medical equipment such as defibrillators, oxygen therapy units, first aid supplies, and more are readily available to address various medical situations.

3. Emergency Response Teams: Expertly trained response teams are poised to react swiftly to any medical emergencies, ensuring rapid intervention and potentially life-saving actions.

4. Mobile Ambulance Units: Equipped ambulances are strategically stationed, ready to provide comprehensive care and facilitate efficient transportation if required.

5. Medical Tents and Facilities: On-site medical tents or facilities serve as bases for medical teams to treat patients, offer privacy, and facilitate assessments.

6. Health Screening and Checks: Services like health assessments, temperature checks, and COVID-19 screening can help identify potential health risks early on.

20+ Years of Expertise: The Medicar European Advantage

When entrusting the safety of your event attendees to a medical service provider, experience is a crucial factor. Medicar European boasts over two decades of dedicated experience in delivering medical services for events of varying scales and complexities. This wealth of knowledge translates into an unmatched ability to assess risks, anticipate potential challenges, and implement effective medical strategies that ensure attendee well-being.

Medicar European’s track record is marked by a commitment to excellence, a proactive approach to event medical planning, and the ability to adapt to the evolving landscape of event healthcare. From music festivals that draw thousands to intimate corporate gatherings, Medicar European’s expertise covers a diverse spectrum of events, allowing organizers and attendees alike to feel confident that their health is in capable hands.

Prioritising Safety Every Step of the Way

When planning an event, the responsibility of safeguarding attendees’ health should never be taken lightly. Medicar European’s presence ensures that medical support is readily available, granting peace of mind to event organizers and creating a safer environment for everyone involved. With over 20 years of dedicated experience, Medicar European’s commitment to excellence shines through, making them an ideal choice for elevating event safety through expert medical services.

Whether you’re hosting a sporting event, a corporate function, or a cultural festival, one thing remains clear: prioritizing medical support is an investment in attendee well-being and event success. Choose Medicar European for your event medical services and experience the difference that decades of expertise can make in creating a secure and health-conscious event atmosphere.

Medical Services for events
Medical Services for events
Medical Services for events

Some Of Our Satisfied Clients


“The service, care and overall friendliness of the team was amazing. Many thanks.”



“Thank you so much to Tom and his team for your services at our Fireworks Event. Thank goodness we booked Medicar! The team you sent were amazing.”


“I can’t thank you enough for your amazing care/support and getting us back to the UK safely. The reassurance of having your professional expertise by myself was such a relief to get my mum home safely to get the medical care she needs in the UK.” RS


“Medicar you were awesome. Annabel and her colleagues were a pleasure to work with and we valued her support at our Christmas Party. The team you provided were professional and very helpful, we are booking you again for next year! Thanks so much and Happy Christmas.”


“Absolutely 100% satisfied. Barrie, Don and Tom are superstars and Peter too. In one word, I am so grateful. I’m sure mum is too. Everything went smooth. Couldn’t wish for more. Big big thank you. Keep up the good work”


“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to your wonderful team for their assistance last weekend in Brighton. Nothing was too much effort. With the extreme heat and how busy we were they all coped amazingly , we have had such positive feedback from the public. Choosing the correct medical provider was somewhat of a challenge. However Medicar delivered and went the extra mile. As Chairman of the organisation, I would like to congratulate your team for their efforts during the challenging weekend we all endured.”


“Very professional service. Over met my expectations – good service all round. Serviceable vehicle. Very good technician.”


“We would like to send our sincere thanks to all at Medicar. We have never booked you before, but how you integrated with us was very reassuring and your presence made us all feel reassured. Glad we could fit your ambulance into our small event footprint and look forward to working with you again next year. Sweetest regards and well wishes to you and your families ”


“Great service. Many thanks to Don and Pete for getting us home safely.”


“Just a quick note on your medical services. All the guys were great, they no doubt updated you it was quite a busy day with a really good attendance of our students plus the other Universities that also made it to the Events Day. Needless to say they rose to the challenges and were extremely efficient, thoughtful and adapted well to the atmosphere of the day. Thanks to a great team. ”


“Great company to work with.”