In November 2021 Medicar was acquired by Tony Smith, the Managing Director of Right Guard Security and Mission Training.

Medicar has long been regarded as a highly efficient and trustworthy patient transport and European repatriation service. This new chapter for Medicar has added extra service provisions to its portfolio including our Medical Events Division. This team have mountain bikes, off-road response vehicles and ambulances all with a qualified mix of medical professionals providing a variety of skill sets and expertise. During 2022 Medicar was able to support multiple events and have started 2023 with a healthy diary of scheduled and confirmed bookings.

The strength of our new ownership, accompanied with the reputation of Right Guard Security Events Division, provides Medicar with ongoing support and a vastly increased capability to expand the company moving forwards. Tony Smith has already invested in various improvements including the updating and expanding of medical equipment supplies and our vehicle fleet.

Medicar is working hard towards gaining our CQC registration.