Privacy Policy

Medicar European shall protect the rights of Data Subjects and duly observe all its obligations under the Data Protection Laws. Medicar European will provide information on how a person’s personal data is processed, in a concise, transparent, accessible manner and free of charge.

Where consent from an individual is required in order to process their information Medicar European will explain what the data subject is being asked to agree to and why.
Medicar European understands that it is important to make sure that where the Data Subject does have a choice to provide personal data, that they are given a genuine opportunity to exercise it. This means that it must be freely given, specific and fully informed. Consent must also be revocable (i.e. people must be able to withdraw their consent) and procedures are in place to action and record it when this happens.

There are some cases in which consent is not relevant, for example if individuals are required by law to provide their personal details.
Medicar European will always be honest with the public and not lead them to believe that they can exercise choice over the collection and use of their personal information when in reality they cannot.

The following elements will be fully explained to the Data Subject:

  • What information is being collected
  • Who is collecting it
  • How is it collected
  • Why is it being collected
  • How will it be used
  • Who will it be shared with

Medicar European will also consider the following:

  • What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned
  • Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain